About E-Learning

Not all e-learning is the same. SkillsPlus International Inc. has been providing e-learning courses for over 10 years.

Not all e-Learning is the same. Image of hands typing on a laptop.

Everybody wants to offer e-learning solutions for their staff training and development needs. But not all e-learning is the same. E-learning should go beyond reading a book on a computer screen. Honestly, if I am going to read the words on a page, I would rather be under a fluffy blanket, curled up on the couch with a pot of hot tea and some butter cookies. E-learning should make full use of the technology of the computer. I want the instructor to talk to me, preferably, on the screen. Add some pictures. But having too many images becomes distracting. You have to strike a delicate balance.

How Our Courses Work

SkillsPlus International Inc. online training presents the student with a handout, to follow along and take notes. We explain the regulations in easy-to-understand terms. The course design includes closed captioning for people needing to see the words for better understanding. Quizzes immediately follow a series of presentations. As always with our training, students can immediately retake any quiz that needs to be retaken.

How Do Students Get A Training Affidavit In An Online Course?

Get your training documentation quickly! Image of a FedEx airplane.

At the end of the course, when the student has successfully completed all the requirements for training, the student requests their training documentation via a secure and hidden link. This link is presented to the student only when the student has met all course requirements. We then quickly send the original signature documentation (specifically a training affidavit filled out & signed by us) to the student, or to a location of the student’s choice.

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