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California Designated Representative | Wholesalers | 3PL | Reverse Distributors

SkillsPlus International Inc. is the ONLY training provider approved by the California State Board of Pharmacy to offer California Designated Representative training programs for wholesalers, 3PL, and reverse distributors.

We’re Experienced!

SkillsPlus International Inc., originally incorporated in 1991. We offer training services to pharmaceutical, healthcare distribution, medical device, and home medical equipment industries. Let us introduce The Designated Representative Institute.

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We have proudly offered an approved California Designated Representative training course since 2002. Establishing “The Designated Representative Institute” is our commitment to offer the highest quality California Designated Representative online training courses available on the market.

Each of our courses are:

  • approved and accepted by the California State Board of Pharmacy (“the Board”)
    • If you are applying for a California Designated Representative license, then you must include proof of required training (i.e., a training affidavit) in your license application. Earn a training affidavit by taking one of our Board-approved California Designated Representative training courses.
  • presented online. Similarly, our courses involve more than just reading slides.
  • composed of a series of self-study pre-recorded presentations. Importantly, they cover essential and required topics.
  • designed with a follow-up quiz after each course section. After that, you can request your completion documents, in the form of a training affidavit.
  • easily accessed to make it possible & convenient for you to study from your home or office. In other words, study in any location!

Our courses are popular and well-respected. Nearly 10,000 students having received state license-related training from us, in other words, our courses are popular! We teach three (3) Board-approved California Designated Representative online training courses (wholesaler, 3PL, reverse distributor). In other words, we have the largest selection of California Designated Representative courses available. Above all, we proudly offer the only Board-approved training course for reverse distributors.

Client Comments

Importantly, our courses are highly recommended! In other words, our students and clients praise the easy-to-follow design. Additionally, they also enjoy the engaging delivery of the course material.

Wholesaler: “I thought I knew all the regulations, but going through this class I actually learned a lot.”

3PL: “I was expecting a boring read-the-page program, but Allan and Jennifer really make the rules easy to understand.”

Reverse Distributor: “I’ve taken a lot of these kinds of classes over the years, and there have been many. This was clearly the best I’ve ever taken.”

Furthermore, you can purchase a California Designated Representative training course now, for: Wholesalers | 3PL | Reverse Distributors

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is a California Designated Representative?
    A California Designated Representative is an individual who performs clerical, inventory control, housekeeping, delivery, maintenance, or similar functions related to the distribution or dispensing of dangerous drugs or dangerous devices.
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